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EducaCentre proposes an extensive selection of courses for everyone’s needs. When you choose to study with us, you will be joining our students from all over the world sharing the same desire to learn russian language. Our russian courses suit all ages and they are fully adapted to varying requirements and different learning objectives.

Whether you want to learn Russian language for personal or professional purposes we have a course that suits you. Each lesson constitutes a complete cycle of learning the language items needed to handle a particular real-life situation in Russian. After each lesson students have at their disposal vocabulary and grammar that they’ll need to use in everyday life.

All Russian courses from beginners to proficiency levels run all round, with the start every Monday and the minimal length of one week. Starting from our standard course of 20 lessons per week, we also propose intensive group courses, combined and one to one lessons.

The students are welcome to combine different classes to create their own customized study programme.


St Petersburgh, Russia
1, Komendantskaya square, St Petersburg


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